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The best way
to bet online using Crypto.

The future of sports betting is here. Sign up for our DevNet today for early access. Space is limited.

Guaranteed Payouts with Instant Settlements

No more scams from dubious operators thanks to Divvy’s integration with immutable smart contracts.

100% Transparent Web 3 transactions

Every transaction will be broadcasted publicly across the Solana blockchain and you’ll always know how much is in the House.

No Hidden

No additional fees for depositing or withdrawing into the Divvy DApp. EVER.


No intrusive sign up process or pre-funding required to start wagering on Divvy. We respect your privacy and are committed to providing the best online betting experience.

Don’t just Bet,

Be the House.

We have all heard the mantra that the House always wins. As disruptors of online sportsbooks we are flipping the industry on its side and allowing our users to be the House. Don’t want to gamble? bridges the world of gaming and DeFi to empower any liquidity provider to play the role of the house and share profits generated by gambling activities. 

Hedge your bets by joining the revolution and Be The House!

Take your sportsbook experience to new levels. is a decentralized betting protocol. Our mission is to build a frictionless betting ecosystem and empower anyone to Be The House.

All bets placed are 100% anonymous and guaranteed by immutable smart contracts built on the blockchain.

Connect your favorite compatible wallet and get started today.

The best way to gamble online with Cryptocurrency. 

Experience the benefits of our stablecoin-based protocol. Never worry about your crypto assets fluctuating while being locked up in pending bets. Start wagering with USDC today!

Bet in USDC.

Get paid in USDC.

Get rewarded in $DVY.

The Divvy Token

The more you play the more $DVY tokens you earn. 

  • Community Rewards. Place bets, provide liquidity, and be rewarded for placing bets on our platform.
  • Voting.  $DVY tokens unlock voting participate in the DAO decisions. Accrue more voting tokens via keeping them locked. 
  • Take advantage of our NFT Marketplace. The Divvy NFT Marketplace boasts some of the best NFTs with incredible utility. $DVY token holders have unique benefits like access to premium mints, reduced fees, and special discounts.  

How does Divvy work?

Liquidity Provider

Deposit USDC into the Divvy House Pool to participate as the House and receive House tokens. All profits via betting activities go directly back into the House pool to be redeemable by Liquidity Providers.

House Pool

The House represents Divvy’s smart contracts that securely facilitates wagers between Liquidity Providers and Bettors. Non-custodial and permissionless.

Crypto Bettor

Bettors who want to experience the power of the blockchain and usher in a new generation of web3 betting.

Our Commitment
and Roadmap

Track development updates on the Divvy Blog


Release of Divvy Prototype

Q3 2022

Launch of Divvy DevNet

Q4 2022

Divvy Beta MainNet Release with: House pool
Support for Moneyline, Spreads,
and Over/Under Bet Types
Support for Parlay Betting

Q1 2023

Token Generation Event

Q2 2023

Divvy Token IDO
Launch of Marketplace to spend $DVY
Launch of Divvian NFT

Q3 2023

Launch of Divvy Poker
Launch of Divvy DFS
Support for No Loss Bet Types

The team behind

Carlos Liang


Carlos Liang is the founder and CEO at Divvy where he leads his team with his vision of disrupting the gaming space through blockchain and web3. Fascinated by the decentralized future, Carlos strives to foster a culture within the organization that values innovation, transparency, respect, and trust.

Moe Rahim


Moe Rahim is the Head of Business Development and Revenue Operations at Divvy where he handles investor relations, develops a pipeline of potential investors and suitable partners, and works with marketing and tech to develop a strong GTM strategy.

Nathan Menkveld

Chief technology officer

Nathan Menkveld is the Chief Innovation Officer at Divvy where he leverages his IT, blockchain, investing, and entrepreneurial experience to make Divvy a leader in the space. As a Calvin College graduate with a degree in Computer Science, Nathan has spent years doing business analysis, architecting, scoping, and implementing high-quality software solutions.

Justin Ratra

Director of Engineering

Justin Ratra is the Director of Engineering. He has over 10 years of experience between programming and leading technical efforts at both large enterprises and growing startups. He has rigorous standards to ensure high quality code and stable product launches.

Oleksandr Hryhor

Technical Leader / Solution Architect

Oleksandr (Alex) Hryhor is a Technical Leader & Solutions Architect. He has over 10 years of programming experience and has been leading multiple development teams since 2018. His responsibilities include overseeing development teams and applying a standardization of development practices across projects. 

Brenna Schaaf


Prior to joining Divvy, Brenna worked in Chicago’s growing tech scene where she helped Power Kiosk, a proprietary B2B energy software company, grow from a team of 5 to 20. In her time there she oversaw product marketing, brand communications, and go-to-market product commercialization.

Drew Couturier

Blockchain Developer

Drew Couturier is a Blockchain Developer. He is responsible for turning web3 project requirements into fully functional and secure smart contracts that allow the frontend team to build a web interface for. He creates various executable transactions, adds security constraints to ensure all malicious transactions fail, builds unit tests to make sure wallet funds and data are updated properly and supports the team with any blockchain questions that arise.

Eric Miller

Director of Strategy, Execution

Eric Miller is the Strategy & Execution Manager at Divvy Bet where he ensures successful execution of strategic initiatives, oversees projects/program management, business development, and capital raise initiatives. As a graduate of Florida State University, Eric studied Political Science & Law. Eric quickly realized that his passion was not in a courtroom or in DC but building products and businesses.

Ryan Duguid


Ryan is the Betting Product Manager at Divvy and is responsible for attracting volume, ensuring proper pricing, and incorporating innovation to the betting protocols on the platform. Ryan’s background is in traditional sports betting markets, having worked for MGM International in Las Vegas.

Capital raised to date: $2.2 million

Backed by:


Asked Questions

Don’t see your question in the FAQ?

Ready to be mind blown? No signup required, no hassle, and anonymous. All you need is a supported wallet. Our goal is to make your experience frictionless.

No usernames. That’s right! No need to give us your email or remember another password. Best yet, gives each bettor the opportunity to remain 100% anonymous.

No deposit required to place a bet! All you need is a supported Solana wallet and make sure to have USDC in it to start wagering. Need help setting up a Solana wallet? Welcome to web3 fam! is the best and safest way to bet online. Reason #101 , is never in custody of ANY of your money. All funds are held safely and securely in smart contracts. Best part? All of the transactions are broadcasted on the blockchain, which means every transaction is 100% anonymous and transparent! 

We only accept wagers that we can cover. This is made possible with our proprietary smart contracts that checks and confirms whether there’s sufficient liquidity to pay out before accepting any wagers. We assure you that you’ll have peace of mind every time you place a bet on

All bets placed on will be made in USDC aka a stablecoin which allows us to denominate everything in USD. We decided to do that because we want to provide our users with a non-volatile asset to wager with and also something they’re used to seeing on the fiat (web2) sportsbooks. USDC doesn’t fluctuate in price meaning if Bitcoin dips 20% you won’t be down before your bet goes live. Yes, we really did think of everything!

Bets are settled by receiving results via the Switchboard oracle (fancy technical talk). Simply put, results are settled once game, match, or fight results are finalized and published. Now all you need to do is click the easy button aka “settle bets,” and USDC is instantly transferred back into your wallet. The days of waiting for bank transfers are over!

For the first time in human history, the average person will have the option to deposit funds into the house pool. The funds here will be used to cover/back the bets placed into the protocol. In return, you share in the profits generated by the house via betting activities.

Fast: is bringing that Usain Bolt speed by leveraging the speed of the Solana blockchain…🏃💨

Low Transaction Fees & No Hidden Fees: Nuff said.🤌

Security and transparency (fair): 

The main features that make web3 attractive are both smart contracts and transparency. 

Smart contracts are immutable by nature (meaning the code cannot be changed) and facilitate the creation, trading, and settlement on the blockchain. This means there is no way that we can mess or hijack your funds.  

Transparency is not a part of gambling websites’ (web2), but it is the foundation of web3 technology. All transactions made on are made publicly viewable and will be on display for everyone to see –  anyone will be able to prove that our games are fair. 

Bonuses for Betting: Stay tuned. We are changing the game on how bonuses will be given to our most faithful users. LFG. 

This leads us to be able to offer a frictionless betting experience with guaranteed payouts and instant settlements. Plus you have the option to BE THE HOUSE.

We respect the laws of each jurisdiction. Please research your location’s laws and limitations. 

The $DVY token is the governance token and will determine voting privileges within the DAO. Be on the lookout for some more exciting announcements related to how the $DVY token will be used in the future.

The Liquidity Pool token (LP token) is a token that a user mints in exchange for the liquidity they provide to the pool. The LP token is a users opportunity to BE THE HOUSE.

This type of games will not be supported at MVP, however we have exciting table games on the road map. The first table poker game will be Moonshot, the bust a bit on the Solana network.

We are focused on releasing its V1 sportsbook. We are working on accelerating development of this service now with John on board sharing his expertise and advisory. leverages decentralized smart contracts that run on the Solana blockchain. Divvy.Bet offers provably fair gambling games with an advertised house edge as well as other innovative products in the gambling space. Furthermore, shares the vast majority of its winnings back to everyone who puts funds in on the house side. is revolutionizing the sports betting industry in a number of ways: 

  1. Decentralizing: the house in funded by the community and thus wealth is decentralized; then, the vast majority of the house’s winnings are shared back to those who contributed to the house fund; it’s a no loss system.
  2. Streamlined: users avoid unnecessary charges and settlement delays that are ubiquitous in traditional sportsbooks with’s streamlined funding, betting, and payout processes.
  3. Liquidity: awards those who place wagers as well as those who provide liquidity to the house with $DVY tokens which will provide benefits within the platform and eventually provide voting rights in the platform as well. This gives users of both sides of the protocol to begin to actually own the platform they use.
    • Unlike the scammy “Deposit matching” many books use,’s awarding of $DVY tokens has no strings attached.

A user puts USDC into the “House pool” and receives “House tokens” proportional to their share of the pool. As the house wins [or loses] funds, the value of the house pool fluctuates along with the value of the house tokens. House tokens can be exchanged back for USDC when desired.

  • Anonymous – No identity validation or KYC
  • Processing – No delays for deposits or withdrawals
  • Non-custodial – won’t ever be in custody of consumer’s sports-betting funds. Smart contracts handle all management of funds
  • Transparency – all transactions are visible to the public and attached to a wallet ID
  • Efficiency – Due to the nature of the blockchain and speed of Solana, transactions are processed immediately

Due to the Wire Act of 1961 online gambling without proper licensing is illegal in the States. To stay in compliance we will be blocking IP addresses from all jurisdictions with similar laws. is working closely with multiple legal experts in the gambling field to ensure we adhere to all global policies surrounding gambling. will acquire all necessary licenses before expanding into regulated markets.

No. is gearing up for a launch in Q1 2022 beginning with its sportsbook and “Moonshot” game. To stay up-to-date on’s developments, roadmap, etc. please join their Discord community and/or follow them on Social media at

Because aside from the benefits of anonymity, non-custodial, etc. Divvy.Bet opens the door to participate in crypto’s booming Play to Earn concept. Bettors are rewarded for utilizing the protocol regardless of how well they do betting. Examples of this would be earning a yield or tokens just for placing a bet.

Referral fees are incorporated into the roadmap but a referral system will not be a feature on the V1 release.