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The Divvy Difference

Divvy is the nextgen sportsbook and casino of the future that harnesses the power of Solana’s decentralized blockchain to create a web3 betting experience unlike any other. Today we’re breaking down the difference between gambling online, gambling in a casino, your favorite sportsbook, and betting with Cryptocurrency?


Traditional Casinos, Sportsbooks, and Online Betting

In person betting experience Vs. Remote, global, 100% anonymous
Shrouded in secrecy; their centralized nature allows for unfair gambling practices and lack of transparency Vs.


All bets placed are guaranteed by immutable smart contracts built on the blockchain
Sports betting parlors and traditional Las Vegas Casinos, amongst others, have to pay to keep their lights on, quite literally Vs.


No overhead allows us to offer competitive rates and low fees
Payouts rely on future deposits and bettors have no idea if the casino or book has the liquidity to cover your winning bets Vs.


The platform demonstrates how much money is in the house proving any and all bets will be paid out
Commit fraud and exit scams once they become insolvent Vs.


Secure contracts on the block chain guarantee instant payouts sent directly to your anonymous wallet
Withdrawing funds requires a forced KYC (Know Your Customer) process Vs.


All bets placed are 100% anonymous sand guaranteed by immutable smart contracts built on the blockchain


Simply connect your favorite compatible wallet and get started today

Heavy regulations forces the use of unsecured payment processors that charge exorbitant fees; operators often charge as much as 6% for deposits and withdrawals to cover overhead (among other hidden fees) Vs.


No hidden fees ever
Predatory ads offering promotions and misleading incentives Vs. No gimmicks. no promotions, just transparent betting
The few online sportsbooks and casinos that do accept crypto often only take BTC or their own token creating cash grabs Vs. The DVY$ token DAO prohibits the possibility of such a grab