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Introducing the Divvy Points System Points

At, our mission is clear: to revolutionize the betting industry by leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technologies to offer a frictionless betting experience that empowers everyone to BE THE HOUSE. Our journey began with a commitment to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the blockchain while providing users with a user experience superior to traditional web2 incumbents.

The result? An on chain betting protocol where anyone can wager in a permissionless and non-custodial manner. We’ve eliminated the need for sign-ups and pre-funding, allowing users to simply connect your wallet and wager directly with the supported tokens you already have. Gone are the days of tedious withdrawals; winning wagers are instantly sent back to your wallet. This is all powered by the DeFi engine, where anyone can become the house by providing liquidity to house pools and gaining direct exposure to betting activity. This not only disrupts the traditional betting landscape but also creates a brand-new asset class, offering LPs a unique way to diversify their portfolios.

Since launching on Solana mainnet in February 2023, we’ve achieved some incredible milestones:

  • Processed over $3.9 million in betting volume
  • Facilitated over 30,500 unique wagers
  • Supporting wagers for the 14 of the most popular sports worldwide
  • Reimagine futures bets with Champions Series

The recent release of the Queued House Deposit and Withdrawal system marks a significant milestone, signaling the completion of our alpha version and paving the way for the next phase of our ecosystem’s evolution. As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we’ll be focusing on expanding’s product offering with additional betting options and games as well as the highly anticipated DVY Token Generation Event (TGE). To kickstart the TGE campaign, we’re thrilled to introduce Divvy Points!

The Divvy Points System: Gamifying the Betting Experience

The Divvy Points system represents a strategic move to gamify the betting experience and incentivize actions that drive yield. Points are generated from betting volume, with bonuses awarded for winning and losing wagers depending on the user’s position within the protocol. This system not only rewards user engagement but also provides valuable insights that will be instrumental to our token launch strategy moving forward.

Ways to Earn Points on

  • All wagers placed on since inception will be awarded points.
  • Base points are generated for each $1 wagered. All non-stablecoin tokens are converted to USD base on the opening price of the day in which the wager was made via coingecko.
  • P&L Bonus Points: Profits from winning wagers generate additional points on a 1:1 basis and losses will generate a bonus at a .5:1 basis.
  • Match Boosters: Earn additional points on selected featured matches throughout the week.
  • New Product Boosters: Promotional points to incentivize usage of new products or features as they’re released.

2. Providing Liquidity

Liquidity Providers play a vital role in the ecosystem and it’s the liquidity contributions that enable the seamless betting experience that we all love. Points will be allocated retroactively during the alpha phase and on a daily basis during the TGE phase.

Alpha Phase (Mainnet launch — February 20th, 2024):

  • Retroactive LP Points: We’ve divided the alpha phase into four sections, each representing a $1 million milestone in betting volume. Betting volume is converted to base points and allocated to the pools and LPs where the volume originated. LPs that minted House Tokens from those specific pools will be rewarded for their early adoption. The House tokens minted will be accumulated and carried into each proceeding milestone period. Redemptions will not factor into the calculation.
  • P&L Bonus Points: Opposite to the betting P&L bonus, LPs receive 1:1 bonus points for losing wagers and .5:1 points for winning wagers. These points are allocated proportionally to House Token holders based on their ending balance at each milestone. The ending balance is calculated by netting out the minting and redemption of House tokens.

TGE Phase (February 21st, 2024 — TGE):

  • Introductory Period: To incentivize initial liquidity provision, bet data from February 21st to March 15th, 2024, will be used to generate base and bonus points for LPs. A snapshot of House Token holders will be taken on March 15th at 11:59 PM UTC, and points will be distributed proportionally.
  • Road to TGE (Starting March 16th, 2024): Daily snapshots of House Token holders and the previous 24 hours’ betting volume in USD. Base and bonus points will be allocated daily as outlined above.

3. Referrals:

Spread the word and earn 10% of the points generated by referrals!

4. Community:

Stay tuned for exciting opportunities to earn points by being an active member of the community!

5. DVYPass Boosters:

DVYPass holders can further enhance their experience with DVYPass boosters for Divvy Points. By staking DVYPasses on the platform, DVYPass holders unlock multiplier bonuses based on their tier or the amount of NFTs staked, providing you with a competitive edge within the ecosystem. To activate your booster for all points earned thus far, stake your DVYPasses by March 15th, 2024, at 11:59 PM UTC. Detailed information on the boosters will be announced in the near future.

Track your progress and climb the ranks on the all-new Divvy Points Leaderboard!

Final Thoughts: Building the Future of Betting Together

The Divvy Point System is a strategic move to drive engagement and gamify the experience leading up to the DVY TGE. The points we gather provide crucial data and insights that will help shape the initial DVY token allocation and future token emissions. We understand the current climate surrounding points in the crypto space. We’ve meticulously designed this system to reward early adopters and maintain a fair balance between betting and liquidity provision. Rest assure that points campaign won’t run indefinitely, it’s another step in our journey to revolutionize the gambling industry, one bet at a time.

Stay tuned to our channels for the latest updates and exciting promotions as we continue to build the future of betting!

Please note: The Divvy Point system is subject to change. We encourage you to join our community for the latest updates and information.